Unstable situation with online gambling in New Jersey


New online gambling bill that was passed by the Assembly and Senate of New Jersey is now under advisement of the Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey. In accordance with the rumors, Christie is going to exercise a conditional veto that means that the bill can’t be rejected. Under this bill all online casino games except poker will be dropped. This bill is going to be sent back to the legislature establishment with suggested amendments and if the bill is approved by the Senate and Assembly the Governor of the state will be able to sign it into a law.

Anyway, it is clear that problems with online gambling bill are the result of the political disputes between Democrats and Republicans. The Governor of New Jersey hasn’t said any about the online gambling bill keeping everyone guessing on the future of online gambling in the state. For instance, Roger Gros, a publisher of an influential magazine in Atlantic City, says that the decision of Christie to exercise a conditional veto is caused by the fact that Democrats are impeding plans of the Governor.

February 01, 2013