History of Roulette

origin of roulette

Roulette is a Game with many names

Roulette is one of the most glamorous and charming games. It has several names. Among them: The King of Casino, the Game of Devil. Nowadays it is a very popular game all around the world. The history of the game is covered by mystery, and there are some most popular legends about its origin.

Roulette’s name origin

history of rouletteThe word Roulette originally came from French where this word itself means «small wheel». However some people believe that it has Italian origin as Romans had many games with a «spinning wheel». Scientists say that they also used a wheel to split the trophies division they got on a war.

Accidental appearance of Roulette

According to one legend, this game was found accidentally. The legend says that a roulette wheel was invented as a result of unsuccessful experiment of great and well-known mathematician Blaise Pascal. He tried to find the perpetual motion and for his experiments he engineered a big wheel. But his friend decided to use this device for another purpose – for gambling. After that roulette became very popular firstly in Europe then all around the world. A good and unpredictable story for such a popular casino game, isn’t it?

The Game of Devil

roulette historyAnother story tells us the origin of roulette’s name – “The game of Devil”. It is believed to be the game of devil because the sum of all numbers on the surface of roulette is 666. This mystic legend also tells that Francois Blanc, the founder of the first casinos in Monte Carlo, sold his soul to devil to know the secret of roulette.

French origins of Roulette

France can be counted as the country which popularized the game of Roulette in its present-day layout. Roulette appeared in 1765 in Paris. This game was brought into USA by French emigrants.