Is Your Online Casino Safe? 4 Things to Consider

As much as it has made transactions relatively easier, the Internet also has made our privacy more prone to invasion. Security, then, should also be any online casino player’s top concern. I list here the four things that you should look for in an online casino before doing business with it:


A license means the company running the online casino has been allowed by the government to operate from within the territories of the country or state., for instance, has a license issued by the government of Gibraltar. Look into the gambling laws of the identified jurisdiction. Online gambling is still prohibited in the US so nix out from your list right away any online casino that brandishes a US license. Some countries in the European Union like Germany have similarly stringent rules on online gambling.

e-COGRA certification

The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an international organization that audits online gambling operators. An e-COGRA certification means that the operators passed the standards of the organization and transactions with them would be fair and safe. Also, should you have any grievance with an online casino, you can bring your case to the e-COGRA as well.

Payout Percentage

Payout percentage means the percentage of the total money wagered by the players that the company actually pays back to the players in the form of winnings.

Let’s say the total money wagered by everyone playing in an online poker room is $100,000, and the casino advertises, say, a 98 per cent payout percentage, then it means the winners take home a total of $ 98,000. The casino operator keeps the remaining $ 2,000 as house edge, or profit. Though every casino operator set its own house edge, the number should be more than what the law prescribes. The bigger the payout percentage – the nearer to 100 – the more beneficial it is to players.

Also, a reputable online casino should regularly publish a payout report that is evaluated by an independent auditing firm.

Secure software

Most online casinos are built on gaming software created by a third-party software developer. To ensure safe online gaming, choose a casino which uses software from established software developers like Playtech, Micrograming, Cryptologic, and Boss Media. These developers provide their services only to licensed casinos.

Because gaming software developer would provide their clients with the same software, a number of online casinos would often have the same features. There are online casino operators who choose to build their own software which allows them to offer their clientele with innovative games.

A common issue with online casinos running on proprietary software is security, as some online casinos have been exposed to have rigged their systems in the past. However, with agencies like e-COGRA, gamers can rest assured that online casinos are vigilantly monitored.

Also, choose online casinos that use 128-bit encryption software. Encryption software keeps hackers from breaking into casino’s system, so protecting player’s information from being stolen. An icon of a lock at the address field of the browser and an https – instead of an http – at the URL indicates that the websites is secure.

January 08, 2013