UK And Greece apply new online gambling regulations


Online gambling is constantly developing and in support of this words UK and Greece governments applied new online gambling regulations. The UK government announced that new online gambling regulations will come into force on the 12 December 2014. New online gambling regulations in the UK will oblige offshore online casino operators to obtain a secondary license and pay taxes in the UK in accordance with the fixed by the government tariff. However, UK operators are believed to be released from online gambling tax on revenues obtained overseas. Nevertheless, the amount of the tax is still on the discussion. The representatives of online gambling industry ask the UK government to reduce the existing tax rate of 15% of gross return.

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has written a letter on behalf of the European online gambling industry to the Greek President, Minister of Finance and Prime Minister, specifying that legal action may be initiated only in case the government will adopt the proposed amendments in order to make online gambling in Greece compliant with EU and Greek legislation.

January 25, 2013