The biggest Jackpots in History

biggest jackpots

Lottery jackpots are always attractive

People have always been interested in winning jackpots and in people who managed to do it. Lottery jackpot records always attract attention and amaze. It is fascinating for most people to watch how the lottery jackpot grows and everyone wants to see the person who will finally hit the jackpot.

The largest lottery jackpots

biggest lottery jackpotsThe most amazing thing is when one person wins the biggest lotto jackpot and brings home the sum of money he would hardly be able to spend in his whole life and buy everything under the Sun. It is hard to believe that someone can win the biggest lotto jackpot but still they do it. Everyone looks at him with admiration and somebody with jealous. No wonder jackpot winners usually prefer to stay anonymous. They don’t want to be hunted for the rest of their lives. The biggest lottery jackpot in Europe €177.7 million was won by a single player from small Italian village of Bagnone.
The biggest lotto jackpot amounting $390 million was won in 2007 and divided between two players. Even though the sum was split, each player still received the record big sum of money ever won in lotteries.

The biggest online casino jackpot

The biggest jackpot in the history of online casinos was won this August by a 20 years old Norwegian student. Young casino player won Mega Fortune jackpot and received €11,736,228.

The biggest bingo jackpot

According to bingo statistics 96% of all bingo players have won once at least. The biggest bingo jackpot in history was won by a 53 year old Christine Bradfield on 28th of January, 2008. She won a platinum prize in £1.1 million for National Bingo Game.
As we can see, there are a lot of people who won pretty huge prizes throughout the history of lottery.