History of Scratch Cards

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Scratch cards origins

People were always looking for big money. They always want to do less and to get more. For those who are looking for entertainment and an easy way to win a lot of money scratch cards are the perfect solution. These small scratch cards provide both a chance to win money and an attractive form of amusement. As opposed to other gambling games scratch out tickets have quite a young and distinctive history. Though lotteries have been known since ancient history, instant lottery created by computer was invented only in late 1900’s by the American Company for the Massachusetts Lottery. When the lottery just appeared the players had to wait several days to know if they had won. Koza and Bower, members of Scientific Games Corporation, felt that the players wanted the gratification immediately. Immediate results would encourage people to play more. As a result they created the instant scratch card.

Scratch cards broaden its audience

history of scratch cardsAccording to the historical fact patent for instant scratch card was created in U.S. in 1987 , which triggered all the fuzz about scratch cards. The first scratch cards were sold in the same year in the U.K. Scratch out tickets were used for different purposes including charities and advertising.

Playing scratch cards online

Printed scratch cards seem to be outdated nowadays. Traditional scratch card wasn’t completely instant. The player still had to leave his house and go or drive to a kiosk to buy a scratch out ticket. The 21st century, the century of new technologies and virtual services, provides us with numerous online scratch games and online lotto that overcome this obstacle. Now the player can sit at home in front of his screen and play scratch cards online. Of course, you can’t really scratch the card when you play online, but online cards imitate the feel and look of the scratch card game and make you feel like playing a real card.