Sometimes you can come across very tough requirements for clearing online casino bonuses. Games with low house edge or good playing odds are not counted as eligible for bonus conversion. We list some of the online casino bonuses, which can be cleared by playing roulette.

1. Deposit bonuses you are granted while making deposits at online casinos are in most cases eligible for online roulette. Still there are numerous requirements to be met. First of all check the types of roulette games and available bets, as some online casinos make exceptions for French roulette or zero-risk bets (like 50/50, when you bet on whole black or red areas).

Some deposit bonuses list online roulette just among other eligible games. Other deposit bonuses can be cleared only by playing online roulette. This category is very narrow but still is very popular within many of online casino websites.

Note that online roulette deposit bonuses can be cashable and non-cashable. Take it into account when you want to withdraw some amount from your casino account.


2. Online roulette bonus codes – a common feature among various online roulette games. By entering particular combination of letters and digits in your online casino profile you can be granted with free cash to your account, free spins of the online roulette wheel, increased payout for your bets and any other promotional features the online casino you’re playing may come up with.

Very often online roulette bonus codes activate other deposit bonuses, like welcome or sign up bonuses, which can be either deposit or no deposit. Such bonus codes for online roulette can be distributed through various online casino guides and observers, which feature entire tables of bonus codes. Do not miss the opportunity to find out about online casino bonus offers via their official Facebook communities or other social media.