Interesting Facts about Casino Games

roulette facts
If you are interested in gambling you are very likely to be interested in funny and curious facts about card games and casinos. These facts could be pretty interesting to know for any player whether you are already a professional or a newcomer to card games.

Playing Cards originated from China.

Actually, playing cards was invented in China. In Europe, people knew about playing cards in the 1300’s for the first time.

Millions of Americans play poker.

Poker is one of the most favourite and the most popular online casino card game. It was discovered that about 65 000,000 Americans play poker regularly.

Columbus used leaves as cards.

Christopher Columbus and his sailors played leaves instead of cards. When they landed in America in 1492 they drew pictures on the leaves from the trees and used them as cards.

Baccarat meant zero.

One of the oldest and the most popular games played in online casinos is Baccarat. The true history and origin of this game is still unknown for sure. One of the stories says Baccarat grew originated from Tarot cards game played around 1490 in Italy. By the way the name Baccarat is also came from Italy – ‘Bacara’ in Italian meant zero. The number ten cards and the royal face cards is the value of zero in modern Baccarat.

Roulette is called the King of Casino as well as the Game of Devil.

Roulette is one of those games frequently used in movie scenes because it is associated with glamour and excitement and players sometimes call it the King of Casino. But this game has another name – The game of Devil. The sum of all numbers on the surface of the roulette wheel is 666 – this is how the Devil name is explained.

Dolly has its name not accidentally.

One more interesting fact about Roulette: “dolly” – the winning roulette chip has it name not accidentally. One of the definitions of this word says that it is a wooden piece laid on a top of something to prevent its destruction and damage.