History of Video Poker

video poker history

The difference between slot machines and video poker machines

Some people confuse the history of video poker and slots machines. In fact video poker has its own history. Wagering machines which used poker cards appeared in late 1800’s. However, video poker machines have developed from large clunky-bar models. Video poker machines were a form of slot machine and also were located in cigarette shops and bars all around the United States. The player could win a prize in a form of drinks or cigarettes. Video poker today is a combination of five card draw poker and slot machine. The original video poker game is based on standard 5-card draw. The “draw” was the distinctive feature between video poker and slot machines.

New technologies produced video poker machines

video poker machineDue to the development of new technologies and the appearance of personal computers, the idea of video poker machines became reality. Gambling industry embraced this new technology to enlarge the range of ways to gamble. Actually, video poker machines were created as a result of the personal computer invention. Video poker machines became very popular because players preferred to deal with a machine rather than with other people sitting at the casino table.

The spread of internet put video poker on the next stage of the development

Nowadays, it is even more convenient to play poker due to the appearance of great amount of online casinos. The spread of the Internet made poker easily accessible online. Online casinos provide numerous new poker game variations. There are multi-hand games, games with wild cards and video poker jackpot games. Every variation of video poker game has its own payout conditions and rules, but all types of video poker are based on the original game of poker. We cannot predict what will be the next step in the development of gambling, but we can be sure video poker will be popular for many years after.