Legendary Casino Players

best casino players

Lucky men or strategists?

People always wanted to get a lot of money doing nothing. This desire made them play gambling games many years ago and even now we can observe the same. Some gamblers try their luck at games of chance, whereas other deliberate players apply sophisticated betting patterns. Legendary gambling players – who are they? – Lucky men or strategists?

Stu Ungar was forbidden to play in every USA casino

best poker playerLegendary casino player Stu Ungar was not only a poker pro, but also a blackjack genius with exceptional card counting skills. Due to his amazing ability to read people, photographic memory and very high level of IQ he became a master of card counting system. Being 24years older, he made a bet with the casino owner to count a six-deck shoe and determine the last card. He won and took $100,000.  At 25 he went to Las Vegas for the first time. Stu managed to defeat a gin rummy world champion “Yonkie” there. Stu believed that card counting abilities and perfect memory are natural card games skills. He was a legendary player feared by casinos. Finally, he was forbidden to play in every casino in the United States. That is an example of brilliant casino career, yet classical, when your talent can ruin one’s life.

Ashley Revell risked his last money and doubled it… but only once

Nothing is so exciting as winning millions of dollars at a roulette table. Ashley Revell is one of those lucky men who know how the winner feels. The story goes that he sold all his possessions in order to come to a roulette table with some money to wager. He went to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas and put all his money on red. The wheel stopped on 7 red. That means he doubled his money and all in all he had $ 270, 600.  It was only once and Ashley didn’t ever want to repeat it.

Ken Uston’s mascaraed

Legendary casino playersKen Uston was a famous blackjack player and a strategist. He popularized the idea of team card counting. He earned millions of dollars from the casinos and soon was banned from them. But he continued to play under masks of other people.
Finally, it is a personal choice to push your luck or to work out a reliable strategy.