poker bonus

Provided in a wide variety by online poker rooms and large-scale poker websites, online poker bonuses are very popular. Due to these promotions online poker attracts huge audiences across the Internet.

You should take into account one important thing – poker rooms often charge so-called rake commission as a part of their playing policy. Usually this commission amounts approximately from 3 to 5%. This rake sum is deducted from your account as soon as you start playing a poker game. In order to make your participation in online poker games less tough financially, online poker rooms invent various bonus offers.

1. Bonus registration links – once you register with an online casino using special promotional link, you are granted with a poker bonus. These bonus links are distributed on partner and affiliate websites. As a rule they are hidden in catchy advertising banners or can be integrated with the partner website texts.

2. Bonus links to satellite poker tournaments – clicking on poker rooms’ promotional links you can get free access to online satellite tournaments. These bonus links ensure free participation in various poker competitions on the Internet. Enjoy free tournaments instead of paying entry fees.

poker bonus

3. Online poker bonus codes functions like at any other online casino game. Bonus codes can be acquired via various social media or at online casino reviews. By entering online poker bonus codes you get entitled to sign-up and welcome bonuses, free gambling rounds and, more importantly, free participation in poker tournaments. The latter is another way to take part in poker competitions free of charge rather than paying some fee for participation.

4. Bonus programs at poker rooms – these bonus programs are aimed at facilitating poker play for newbies and eliminating necessary rake fee for online poker players. Online poker bonus programs pay out bonuses for certain number of players’ scores. This method makes online poker even more enjoyable.