Casino Games History

casino history

The Origin of Casino Games

Casino Games History is a fascinating and long story full of myths and legends. Man has been gambling for money, for estates, for the trophies of war since he could play. The word casino is of Italian origin and initially meant a small summerhouse or villa created for entertainment and pleasure only. Later this word was referred to as a larger building with more public facilities. Those buildings were used for various activities including dancing, sports and of course gambling.

Gambling is not Always Just a Game

Gambling has a lot of definitions – playing, betting, wagering, striking, playing games for money and others. Gambling is not just gaming. Gambling is always connected with luck, fortune and some risk. There are a lot of cases in history when the disagreements were solved by use of a pair of dice. Gambling is a general term for various games. Different forms of gambling have their own particular history.

People Gambled Worldwide

The definite origin of gambling is unknown. Gambling itself has existed for many centuries. The first records about gambling were fixed in China. Historians admit that gambling was a common part of everyday life in almost each society, from the Ancient Greeks to Elizabethan England. We can find hundreds of stories in history about entertainment based on games of chance.

First Casino in Europe and America

The first gambling house known in Europe was established in Venice, Italy in 1638 to provide gambling venues during the carnival season.
first casino in the worldIn America gambling houses were known as saloons. Saloons were the places where the travelers could find somebody to drink with, to talk to and often gamble with. Saloons were mostly spread in four major cities: Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, St. Louis. In the beginning of 20th century gambling was banned in America by social reformers and state legislation. Later this ban was lifted, which resulted in boosting of American casino industry.
Gambling has passed a long evolution from the days of wooden playing cards and bone dice to online casino games and even to mobile gambling. Nowadays, gambling is more accessible than ever.