Cash back bonus is the least common type of bonuses offered by online casinos. It is because other bonuses presuppose further wagering as a condition of the bonus while cash back bonus is based on past wagering and commonly doesn’t require any future investments from the player. The aim of this bonus is to cheer up the players who lost money.

In simple words the cash back bonus is a compensation of the player’s losses over the certain period of time.

Compensation is usually represented in the form of a limited percentage. The percentage of cash back bonus usually ranges around 10-15% depending on the casino. Period of time differs from one casino to another and it could be a day, a week, or even a month. The limit of the bonus also depends on the casino.

Some online casinos offer cash back bonus as a regular one. These casinos usually offer one week as period when the player can receive cash back bonus. If the player has lost money during the week, at the end of the week he can receive a reimbursement of the certain percentage or the maximum of the bonus. Other online casino also offer cash back bonus as a regular feature but they limit the period of losses. They may, for example, apply the bonus only on the certain day of the week.


Some online casinos offer cash back bonus as a part of other promotions. Some casinos limit the bonus to losses made on a certain games only. Most online casinos choose keno or online slots for this bonus because they have higher house edges.

Usually online casinos don’t offer cash back bonuses to all players. Often this bonus is available only for VIP Club members and higher wagers. Players of lower wagering levels are not given such benefits, but as they reach higher wagering level, they are rewarded by more bonuses including cash back one. As the players move to higher levels, the percentage or the maximum limit of the cash back bonus is increased.

Sometimes, but it occurs really very rarely, casinos offer cash back on wins as well. A player receives a percent of his winnings during the fixed period as a cash back bonus.