History of Card War

History of war games
Card War or simply War is a very simple card game usually played by two players. It is often played by children due to its simplicity. Usually they use standard French playing card deck for this play. The deck is divided in two parts, one for each player. Players flip over the cards and determine the winner is by the higher card. The winner takes the other’s player’s card. If the players have equal points they fight a War.

Legend about the Origins of War Card Game

Though almost everybody has played War, only few people know its history and origin. As many other card games this one has a long-term history that dates back to ancient times. Scientists can’t determine the true history and origins of this game but there exist a legend and according to it, this game was invented by King Arthur. He often got tired of jousting and so his wife Guinevere recommended him to play cards. The King wanted a game that would be interesting for his knights. It supposed to be both simple and with military theme.

The spread of game

‘War’ was very popular in the Middle Ages, mostly during the plague because people were locked up at homes. They stayed at homes and played. One of the reasons of War popularity is that gamers didn’t need much to play. All they needed was a deck and time.
War spread all around the world very quickly. People played the game of War in China, South America and even Africa.

“War” in Casino

Casino warsIn the second half of 20th century “War” became “Casino War”. One casino owner in Las Vegas decided to add war to the list of games in his casino. He changed the rules slightly so that players won money instead of capturing the deck. Soon Casino War was introduced in casinos all around the world.

Online War Casino

Creation of the online casinos was the next step in the history of Casino War. Casino War is the easiest game to play in online casinos that’s the reason for its popularity among modern gamblers.