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After you’ve read our special guide for online casino newbies, you can consider yourself to be a bit more experienced. We take the courage to suppose that you might be interested in the history of casino games, both classical table card games (like baccarat or blackjack) and modern electronic machines (video poker and slots). GrabCasinoBonus experts share their historical and gambling experience to entertain you with interesting facts about land-based and online casinos.

Learn more about the origins of aristocratic baccarat and how it’s connected with the Etruscan ritual of drowning maids, find out the French roots of blackjack and roulette, compare the American and European version of roulette and enjoy many other exciting facts about gambling.

Wagering for money or useful trinkets has been known since ancient times, that’s why the history of casino games is such a compelling reading. It’s connected with real kings and queens, murders and mysterious accidents, suicides and unexpected twists of fate. Gambling table has seen stories of love and hate, misery and wealthy, crimes and virtues. You will not be able to resist dealing some poker hands after you read captivating facts about this game, as well as about others.

hisotry of casino and online gamblingWe feature the history of both land-based and online casino games. The latter is no doubt a few centuries younger, as the first online casino appeared only in 1994 just to get lost among hundreds of succeeding online casino ventures. You are also the part of casino history as all your winnings and losses become a new page in this impressive volume.
If you need some hero or an outstanding example of brilliant casino career, read about legendary casino players of all times. They include world-known players of poker, blackjack and other major casino domains. Their life stories are inspiring, encouraging you to acquire profound knowledge in gambling.

Another encouraging article is devoted to the biggest jackpots ever. First you know how you should play to become famous and then how much you should win to make the world newspapers write about you.