How to Play Video Poker Online

video poker guide

What is Video Poker?

Best places to play video poker:

  • CasinoTropez
  • Winner Casino
  • Jackpotcity

Video poker is one of the variant of traditional poker offered by modern technologies. If you like slot machines or poker, you’ll find video poker very exciting. To start playing video poker you should have some experience with playing slot machines and know basic rules of poker. In Video Poker you play against machine, so you should know how it works and of course the knowledge of traditional poker rules is necessary. But if you have none of this, don’t worry it is very easy to start playing by following our guide.

Starting to play Video Poker

play video pokerVideo Poker machines works very similar to slot machines. To start the game you should insert coins and then push the “deal” or “play” button. After this you will see five cards on the screen. You can select which cards to hold by pressing the button under each card. You may hold all the cards or none of them; it is completely up to you. When you push “hold”, the selected cards will appear above. Your aim is to hold the cards which will give you the highest hand. To replace the cards you didn’t hold, you should push the “deal” button and new cards will appear. You win if you have a winning combination of cards. This combination is called a hand. Video Poker has the same hands as a traditional poker. So you’d better know all the hands in order to understand the game better. The payout per hand depends on the paytable of the machine you are playing.

Ending the round

When you end the hand, you can bet for the next hand and then hit the “deal” button. After finishing the session, press the “collect” button and machine will drop all the coins you’ve won on the tray. The aim of the game is to finish round with a winning combination and receive your money.