Scandinavian countries issue new gambling licenses

The Danish Gambling Authority

Denmark and Sweden have promoted new policies regarding online gambling. The Danish Gambling Authority has evaluated all the advantages of online gambling and has extended the validity period of online gambling licenses for 5 local and 20 foreign online gambling providers to five years.

Tina R. Olsen, The Danish Gambling Authority’s head of the Legal Division, announced that illegal and unlicensed online gambling in Denmark is controlled by the organization: a number of online gambling operators have to leave the jurisdiction as they didn’t correspond with all the requirements of the Danish Gambling Authorities. What is more, more than 20 online gambling operators refused to accept the requirements of the Legal Division and their online gambling sites were locked out by the Internet Service Providers.

The Swedish parliament has passed a bill that provides the government with an opportunity to license and regulate online gambling. The government accepted the recommendations of a National Audit Office that has undertaken the study of the online gambling market. The bill also states that the government is to protect citizens from unlicensed online gambling and from the dangers of compulsive and underage gambling.

January 09, 2013