How to Play Slots Online

Online slots

Best places to play slots:

  • BET 365
  • CasinoTropez
  • WINNER Casino

Slot machines became very popular both in land based and online casinos. Slots have gained popularity mostly because of its simplicity. Playing this game is very easy but it doesn’t mean bored. Actually, slots are able to entertain players of all ages. In fact slots wins is known as the biggest payouts in the history.

How to start playing Slots?

play slots onlineThe first thing you have to do for starting the game is to insert the credit into the machine, then press the button for machine to spin. Slots works on reels. Some machines operate on a single reel, some on multiple.

Every reel consists of different symbols and numbers. There are also pay lines that range from one to over 20. If the winning combination of symbols land in line with the pay lines, you will receive the payout according to the machine’s payout table.

From the first look there is nothing difficult in the game of slots. Firstly, you insert the credit and then press the button and wait until the symbols line up with a combination. In fact, playing slot is not just inserting the credit and pressing the spin button.

Slots’ types

play slots onlineThere are three main types of slots: classic slots, progressive slots and video slots. Classic slots are designed as slot machines you can see at any land based casino. Video slots functions approximately the same as classic slots do but with more complex graphics. Progressive slots offer a bigger jackpot. Every your bet is added to the jackpot prize.

The terms you should know to play slots

Reels and Pay lines: usually online casinos operate with 3 reels and single pay line. However, in the last few years slots has greatly developed and now one can easily find an online casino with 7 reels and 21 pay lines.

Coins and max bets: it is about the lowest bet allowed and the amount of the maximum bet. The lowest bet allows you to pay the smallest coin the machine uses. Max bet means you may play every line to take your maximum bet. Most machines have a “max bet” button.

The most important thing to keep in mind while playing slots is to entertain and have fun.