History of Poker

poker history

American influence on Poker history

Poker has always been one of the most popular games played by thousands of people at universities, at homes and of course at casinos. This game has an interesting and long history. Poker history is closely connected with the history of the United States. This game is greatly influenced by the American culture, which led to its development into hundreds of various poker types. At the moment there are so many variations of poker, including video and online poker games, that there is no wonder it is becoming more and more popular. Only blackjack and slot machines can compete with poker in the players’ devotion.

Dispute about the origin of poker

pokerPeople believe in different rumors about the creation of Poker. But there are facts known for sure. The first one is that gambling was known before Poker was created. It is known that this kind of entertainment was brought to Europe in 14th century from China. Some historians even consider that the Chinese created Poker. There is no common opinion about the origin of this game. Some scientists believe that Spanish game Primero was a “Poker’s Mother”. In this game they also dealt three cards to each player and bluffed while playing. Another version of Poker’s history is that Poker originated from the English game Brag which involved the element of bluffing. Some say that the game’s name originated from the French game Poque. Others say Poker came from Persia. Finally, no matter what the origin of this game was, the main thing is we have a fascinating game nowadays. Perhaps Poker borrowed a little from each of the games mentioned above.
pokerIn America Poker became very popular during the Wild West period when a saloon with a Poker table could be found in every town from coast to coast. In time of Civil War it was also extremely popular. Since its beginning the popularity of this loved and widely played game has only grown and evolved many variations.
The introduction of online poker has boosted international gamblers to place more bets at poker. Now there are many other exciting things about poker to come.