It is could be understood from the title that this bonus rewards players for referring their friends to a certain online casino. This type of bonuses is probably the easiest to benefit from. To receive this bonus you just need to tell your friends about the great online casino you play at. The more friends you invite the bigger bonus you will receive.

In fact, online casino will reward you if your friends open a real account and deposit some money on it. Bonuses differ greatly from one online casino to another. These offers can range from pretty small amount of money to a very nice income. If an online casino is really generous it will also reward your friends for following your advice and signing up at this particular casino.

Common conditions for being rewarded with this bonus:

• You need to have a real money account at this online casino
• There must be done connections between your account and your referred friend account. It could be done by registering your friend’s name and email address. More detailed instructions you can read on the website of your online casino.
• One of the main conditions most online casinos require is that your referred friend need to open a real money account and deposits some money on it. At most online casinos your account will be credited at once your friend finishes all required conditions.

Some online casinos even create a program where you can invite several of your friends and play instantly with them. You will be rewarded for involving them into a game and if they open a real account and deposit some money on it after that, you will be rewarded even more.

The Refer-a-friend bonus can be a set amount of money as well as a certain percentage of your friend’s deposit. In any case, it is definitely worth to learn all the terms and conditions of the bonus you are going to receive as the difference in the amounts can be considerable depending on the casino. Anyway, it is one of the safest methods of getting extra money on your account among all the online casino bonuses, because you don’t invest your own money.